» Akreditasi

IAS is striking a balance between providing popular accreditation to its customers at the same time providing cost effective service.
IAS was accredited by ASCB(E), Accreditation Services for Certifying Body.
IAS then take a good step by changing the accreditation body, to be UQAS
(Universal Quality Accreditation Services, UK) with more standards accredited.
The certificates issued by IAS with ASCB accreditation were still valid until 3 years toward, e.g. 6 August 2018, as stated in the ASCB accreditation statement for IAS.

  • Customers are benefited as the receiving products & services conforming to requirements.
  • Owners & investors benefit by increased return as investment, improved operational results, increased market share, increased profile.
  • People in the organization benefit by better working conditions, increased job satisfaction, high morale.
  • Society benefits by fulfillment of legal and regulatory requirements, improved health and safety, less environmental impact.